Become an Instructor

What is a Wood Sign Instructor?

An instructor is an independent contractor of Wood Signs By Me. As an instructor, you will schedule and teach your own classes.  We show you all of the tips and tricks to become an amazing wood sign instructor. You will be able to teach customers how to make their own wood painted signs from raw materials.  You will be able to do public events at local bars and restaurants, along with doing private parties, fundraisers, and team building events.  You will have the flexibility to make your own schedule while having fun and meeting new people during your classes.

Becoming an instructor only costs $299 to purchase your instructor kit and start your business!!  You will pay $49 today and $125 out of each of your first 2 checks.

Why should you become an instructor?


Earn 15-20% commission on sales from your events.  The more you sell, the more you earn.


No timesheets.  You set your own schedule.  Do as many classes as you want.  Wood Signs By Me gives you the flexibility to improve your work-life balance and have time for what matters most.

No limits

You have the ability to schedule public events in public locations so you are not limited to only selling in your social circle.  If sales are slow with people you know, you have the ability to schedule public events to increase your sales and customer base.

Have fun & meet new people

Whether you are instructing a public event, private party, fundraiser, or team building event you will have fun while working and meet tons of new people.

Additional things to know

  • Wood sign classes typically last around 3 hours. There would also be additional set up and clean up time.
  • For public events, we will give you tips on how to choose locations and guide you on how to partner with the bar or restaurant to host the event. Once you establish a good working relationship with them, they usually will let you return regularly to do more events there.
  • Use Facebook and Instagram to promote your events.

Become an instructor in 5 easy steps

  1. Fill out the online registration form here.
  2. Purchase your starter kit.
  3. Read the email you receive and submit all forms needed.
  4. Begin your training.
  5. Start scheduling your events!

Want to advance? You can learn how to teach doormat paint parties as well!

Once you have mastered wood sign painting parties and you feel you are ready to offer your customers more, you can become a doormat instructor too!  Doormat classes take only about 1 – 1 ½ hours with additional set-up and clean up time.  These are a great option for the locations you go to regularly that want to switch it up once in a while!